An Educational Opportunity for Clinicians Specializing in the diagnosis of
Clostridium difficile Infections



Q: I am a nurse/advanced practice clinician working with patients with CDI. Can I participate in this activity? 
A. Yes! This activity is designed to address delivery of care by individual clinicians. While CME credit will be awarded only to physicians, all other clinicians completing this activity will receive a certificate of participation, reflecting that the activity was certified for AMA PRA credit.

Q. Do I have to complete all modules to receive credit?
A. No. Clinicians who complete at least one module (required components include the associated pre-assessment, post-test, and evaluation) will receive credit in accordance with the predetermined length of time expended. Clinicians completing all 4 modules can be awarded 1.25 credits.

More information about how credit is awarded is available in the AMA's booklet The Physician’s Recognition Award and credit system, 2010 revision

Q. May I pause during the activity and return at a later time to complete it?
A. If you need to leave the activity at any time, your progress to that point and your place within the activity will be saved. To return to the activity, you will need to log in with your user name and password. Additionally, each module can be completed at a different time.

Q. Can I receive credit for the supplemental education?
A. If education accessed through external links is certified for credit, you may also receive credit from another accredited provider for completing that educational activity.

Q. Whom do I contact if I have technical difficulties with this online portal?
A: Please contact Katlyn Cooper, Associate Program Manager, ACHL
Email:; Phone: (773) 714-0705 x 203

Completing the C. diff Formative Assessment

Below are the steps for completing each module of this Formative Assessment:

  1. Take the pre-assessment. To receive credit you must complete the pre-assessment along with the post-assessment—these components comprise the certified activity/module in its entirety.

    Additionally, the questions contained within the pre-assessment are grouped according to topics which allows for identification of areas of excellence (strengths) or areas that may need further study and improvement (weaknesses). Following the pre-assessment, learners will be presented with:

    • Module-based score and topic-based scoares are determined as follows:

      • mastery, ≥86%

      • satisfactory, ≥70% and ≤85%

      • needs improvement, ≤69%

    • percentile ranking, compared to peers with similar educational background (ie, physician, nurse, advanced practice clinician (PA, NP, etc)

  2. Complete the supplementary education. Each module includes supplemental education personalized and packaged unique to each learner, and includes education developed expressly for the proposed platform by the faculty, as well as external links that capitalize on the availability of already developed education and resources in the public domain. Each external link will direct you to a different site where you can follow the requirements for the program and potentially earn additional CME credit. A learner may choose the order in which to view each provided resource.
    You may need to disable the "Pop-up Blocker" of your web browser to see an external resource.

  3. Complete the post-assessment. To recieve credit, learners must achieve a 70% or better.

    Following the post-assessment, learners will be presented with:

    • their answer, the correct answer (if different), rationale*, and source

    • module-based scores and topic-based scores are determined as follows:

      • mastery, ≥86%

      • satisfactory, ≥70% and ≤85%

      • needs improvement, ≤69%

    • their percentile ranking, compared to their pre-assessment score, as well as against their peers

    * Please note, sometimes external web addresses are supplied as part of the rationales in the post-assessment. Learners are welcome to access these websites to further their education but are hereby notified that any external content is independent of the C. diff Formative Assessment.

  4. Complete the evaluation. The evaluation will help the activity planners to assess the utility of the exercise and provide constructive feedback to improve future activities.

  5. Receive a credit/participation certificate for the completion of each individual module.

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each of the additional 3 modules. 

Remember that at any point in the activity, learners may close the program and log back in at a later time to resume their participation. Reminders will be emailed to participants following one month of inactivity (or an incomplete activity status in their dashboard).

If you have questions during the C. diff Formative Assessment please email Katlyn Cooper at and include “C. diff Formative Assessment” in the subject line.